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Welcome to the Argentine Llama Aficionado Website

homepage_group1As you look through the various pages you will learn more about Argentines and see why we are excited about them. Be sure to see the directory of all the Argentine llamas in the United States. There is also a directory of our members that you can contact if you have more questions about Argentine llamas (or llamas in general) or want to visit a farm near you.

Argentine Llama Aficionados (ALA) consists of a group of Argentine llama owners as well as those who just want to learn more about this rare and exotic llama. We think of ourselves as a fan club, fans who enjoy the Argentine type of llama – robust build, heavy bone, fine dense fiber and great disposition. ALA’s goal is to promote the Argentine llama and to keep a directory of all pure Argentines in the United States and Canada.

With fewer than 225 pure Argentine in the United States in 2019, the Argentine llamas are still quite rare. Paul and Sally Taylor of Taylor Llamas in Bozeman, Montana, were on a quest to find a new kind of llama and discovered what they called the Argentine type in the early 1990’s. Years later they were able to do the first importation of these exotic animals to the United States. It is unlikely that more importations will happen anytime soon since Argentina’s borders are closed due to an outbreak of FMD (foot and mouth disease).

An Argentine llama has a certain look, even without the Argentine style haircut that is popular here in the United States. Their large feet are covered with extreme dense fiber, and their robust bodies and large bone give them the look of a super athlete. The output of fine, dense fiber per animal is incredible, since almost every bit of the fiber is usable and extremely consistent. Argentine llamas are not only winning in fleece classes, but also in halter and performance.