NorahArgentine Cerrado x MGF Maja
DOB 5-29-2015

Kyle Mumford

Cerrado’s Norah is a 7/8 Argentine appaloosa female. Her sire, Argentine Cerrado, is an appaloosa Argentine Valentine son. Her dam is an appaloosa granddaughter of Kobra and Pecos with a long dam line of MGF appaloosas. Norah has an abundance of fine silky fiber, has a “show me!” attitude and is very correct. Norah is unrelated to Argentine Don Zunca. Visit for pictures of her sire and dam and additional photos. PRICE $3,000

Dare to Dream Regionals 08Sire: Argentine Don Zunca
Dam: Kobra’s Gwendolyn
DOB: 7-22-2006
Dawn Wegener

Big showy Argentine with quality fiber; proven herd-sire, has given us gorgeous crias. Excellent addition to your breeding Program